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Sunshine Cruz: Seeks Right Options for Split to Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz, again seeks advice for split to her husband. Sunshine and Cesar are married for 12 years. Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan, lawyer of Sunshine Cruz, confirms this saying that she explores for legal options regarding to the previous controversy of Cesar Montano and Krista Miller.

Sunshine’s lawyer, who was also one of the wedding sponsors of Sunshine and Cesar, advices her to resign first to her husband before taking in any steps. The cleaving of the couple started when Miller posted pictures in Instagram.

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Pictures from that site were already deleted but as what seen, Miller shows an Abercombie  and Fitch shirt for men, chocolates, and an iPhone 5 whom Sunshine identifies that those were gifts from her to Cesar Montano.

As we recall, Sunshine also consulted Atty. Alentajan when Cesar was linked with  the Brazilian model, Mariana del Rio, but soon the couple reconciled, making Sunshine to give another chance for their marriage.

Sunshine Cruz

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