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Survivor: Caramoan Premiers on February 13

Now here’s a spotlight on your T.V. screens.  Survivor is back with their 26th season this February 13, Survivor Caramoan: Fans versus Favorites.  The survivors from the previous season will come back like Malcolm Freberg, who got 4th place in Survivor Philippines.

Bad news for the die-hard fans because John Cochran is also back and is one of the ‘favorites’ in the reality show. John screwed up at Surivivor South Pacific hopefully Brandon Hantz will be back also.

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Other survivors will also join the favorites are Dawn Meehan from Survivor South Pacific, Erik Reinchenbach from Survivor Micronesia, Corinne Kaplan from Survivor Gabon, Brenda Lowe from Survivor Nicaragua, and  Survivor Redemption Island’s Andrea Boehlke and Francesca Hogi.

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