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New iPad4 That Has A 128GB Memory

Now has an iPad with no signs of memory gaps, the new fourth generation type of iPad has a Retina display and has a 128 gigabyte memory that will be now ready to be released on market. The new model is designed as usual but has a little add up, also like the current iPad 4; it has a wireless connectivity, and a usual color like the previous model.

Still the prices has not yet been said but it will be categorized to “premium SKU” or “premium stock keeping unity” that will join the current dispositions of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB iPads. According to sources from one of U.S. biggest retailer claims that new listings in SKU for iPads that has fourth model are labeled as “Ultimate” that will join the current dispositions.

Now what will Apple say on this new discovery?


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