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Supreme Court Resumes Discussion on Cybercrime Law

Supreme Court resumes discussions about Cybercrime Law. Arguments in the said petition of the cybercrime law will be discussed on Tuesday according to reports. Also the search for Padre Faura St., who protested against the Cybercrime law’s implementation, was obliged by the Manila Police District where they strengthened up the security.

Solicitor General Francis H. Jardeleza will show off the long lists of arguments of the Cybercrime Law. Supreme Court has approved that they will resume discussing about the said law, the Cybercrime Law. The risks of implementing of the law have made many arguments that it had produced many protestors who are against Cybercrime Law.

The youth also is against the Cybercrime law because they believe it steals their freedom of expression. The youth outraged to protest in the said Cybercrime Law because it does not benefit the way the life satisfies them.


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