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Rebecca Adlington’s Retirement for Swimming Strokes

Rebecca Adlington next week will announce of her quit in swimming, but she claims that she’ll not lose the sport that she likes. Rebecca is known for her famous swimming career. She spent her days having a hard time practicing swimming just to keep her body in shape so that she could prepare for the next swimming competition or maybe in Glasgow Commonwealth. She’s been practicing since the London Olympics and looks like she’s about to quit.

She was called “The Golden Girl of British Swimming” because of her stunning performance in the Beijing Olympics 2008 making her to grab 2 gold medals. But when the London Olympics came she made a bit of difficulty in the competition that made her to get only to bronze medals. She was sorry for not competing perfectly like the one in Beijing Olympics, but still she was cheered for what she did.

After the London Olympics, she had been busy on spending time to her charity where she helps African people with AIDS to have bikes. She also helps to suppress obesity problems teaching young people to busy themselves in swimming.

Her manager, Rob Woodhouse at first doesn’t want Rebecca to do this but that says that this will be a big announcement that Rebecca will make. Since the failure of the team from the Olympics, there had been many problems that occur like the resignation of Coach Dennis Pursley and performance director Michael Scott.

Still Adlington will not be quitting her favorite sport. In her hometown, a swimming pool there was named after her.


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