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Coco Martin Courting Julia Montes in Thier Movie: “A Moment in Time”

Coco Martin is very cheerful on the grand conference of his latest movie, “A Moment in Time” with her leading lady Julia Montes. Way back before the love team of both people sparkled of their late teleserye, “Walang Hanggan” which their fans have quickly caught up to their chemistry.

As we summarize their upcoming movie, Coco plays the role of “Patrick” a young student of art that falls in love with Julia Montes who plays the role of Jilllian. But problems invaded their relationship and soon both of them have gone overseas and start to rebuild their relationship again.

Coco started at first in independent films but soon became one of the in demand actors of this generation and what inspires him is the actress Julia Montes.

Coco Martin really strived hard for his role, like having an act of singing and dancing in the scene. But their director, Director Manny Palo, tells the supporters that they will not see it in the scene, in fact Coco does it merrily in the movie.

Coco was asked if what is her reaction whenever he does the intimate scenes with Julia Montes and he admits that in every intimate scenes, he does it with feelings and because he feels something special for the actress. Coco admits that he has feelings with Julia Montes and that is not impossible for the actor to fall in with the actress for how many years they have been through and fortunately, he just waits for the right time.

Coco hopes that someday he and Julia will be together in love someday. Coco expects Julia Montes to escort her in her 18th debut because if he’ll be chosen to be the escort for the actress then he has a chance to Julia Montes.

A Moment in Time premiers in February 13, 2013 in cinemas nationwide.


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