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Accused Witch: Life Ended While Alive in Papua New Guinea

Reports from police have said that a 20 year old woman that has been accused of performing witchcraft and sorcery, was burned alive in Papua New Guinea on Wednesday. The woman was burned in front of the crowd. The said witch was a member of the group called “Kepari Leniata” which is also one of the criminal groups on sorcery related cases in the South Pacific nation, an interview from the police on Friday have said.

The woman was left behind to let her experience pain first while naked; burned with a hot iron, was bound, and was bathed in gasoline. After that she was sparked in fire with piles of tires and trash around her. People watched her as she is burned to dust. The woman, who was said performing sorcery, has been accused by her relatives by ending the life of a 6 year old boy who was hospitalized.

The primary witness for her deed was her husband,but despite of the pain procedures for the said witch, it was discouraged by the prime minister, police and diplomatic observers. Senior Police Kakas, have said that the evidences were strong enough to put sorcery witches into justice and that the government must have laws about these kind of cases.

Many photographers from the biggest newspaper company makers have taken the images of the said woman while burned. Still investigations are still continuing on the incident.highlands-hagen-mother-sorcery.n

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