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US Minesweeper To Be Removed On March 23, 2013

Philippine Coastguards have estimated the time frame for the US Minesweeper to be removed. Their calculation will be on March 23, 2013. According to Philippine Coast Guard, Lieutenant Commander, Armand Balilo, reported on Tuesday in a text message, a revised form of the salvage plan that will be used to remove the ship has been submitted by US counterparts.

From the revised plan, the dismantling of the US Minesweeper will use the Jascon 25 which will be the main asset in removing it. The revised plan of Jascon 25 is expected to bring its arrival on Friday from Singapore.

Salvage operations for the US Minesweeper is still postponed, but not until the said ship will arrive very soon from Singapore. The US Minesweeper had brought damage to one of the World’s Environmental Heritage, the Tubbataha Reef, on January 17


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