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Sto. Niño Statue Shed Tears Of Blood in Leyte

The crowd gathered in a house in Carigara, Leyte at Barangay Ponong after it has been reported that a Sto. Niño statue shed tears of blood. An 8 year old kid named Onick Florenz Marpa saw the actual shedding of the statue after he went outside to play on February 3, reports have said. It happened two times last February. The first one was on February 4 and the second one was on February 6.

Cousin of Onick, Charamaine Marpa, at first didn’t believe on what he saw. The story of Onick was then overheard by his mother and just said to wait for the second time that the statue will shed again the said bloody tear and it did after how many days have passed.

The replica statue of the Sto. Niño was left on their garage for how many days and this January only did Onick had put an interest on it and brought it to the procession in the Feast of Sto. Niño. Onick always prayed on the statue after arriving from school since the statue had been cleaned, ornamented and dressed.

Meanwhile, despite of thousands of people going out to see and pray on the statue on their house, Matilda, his mother, complains for their family privacy, but thinks of it in the positive way. Diosdada Labastida still claims that the shedding of bloody tears of the Sto. Niño cannot be considered as a miracle. Investigations are still on the process by the church on the incident that happened.

The Catholic church sees this as a chance to strengthen their faith on God.

Blood Cry Sto. Niño

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