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Dabarkads Bulilit Ryzza Mae Dizon Bought a New Car

Dabarkads Bulilit Ryzza Mae Dizon of the noontime show “Eat Bulaga”, bought a new car. Her dream of having a car has been finally granted for all her entire life. Ryzza Mae Dizon is the youngest dabarkads of Eat Bulaga.

According to the young, Ryzza, she’ll not now be commuting to jeepneys from streets anymore just to get to Eat Bulaga studio. Ryzza admits that she’s not comfortable in having a ride in jeepneys. After having a mainstay to Eat Bulaga for 8 months, Ryzza’s hard work really did bore something.

Ryzza likes her brand new car which is a second hand type particularly her mother chose for her mother will also be the driver of their brand new car. On  Sunday, they showed the model of the car they bought to GMA News.

Ryzza likes her position at the back of the car because, she’s more safer there than the front. It’s her favorite spot on the car. She’s really happy, so as to her mother for their brand new car.

Ryzza Mae Dizon on Chika Minute

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