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Willie Revillame Donates a Coaster Van to a Nun

Willie Revillame has donated a coaster van to a nun on Tuesday from his noontime show, Wowowillie. The nun dressed alike to Mother Theresa; she came to the noontime show to see the Wowowillie host Willie Revillame that she’s been longing.

According to the news report of Interaksyon in TV5, the Wowowillie host then called off to his staff from the show to go to his house and bring his personal Hyundai coaster van. The van has a capacity of 25 seats. Willie Revillame will donate it to Sister Theresa, the nun.

Sister Theresa is a nun from from the Cenacle of Virgin Mary which is part of Our Lady of Fatima’s community of nuns and is under to Diocese of Pasig. In addtion to the van that was donated, the host also gave Php 50,000 cash as an additional help for Sister Theresa’s community. Mother Theresa had a small bayong that she bought on the show.

The bayong has a solicitation letter inside. Willie Revillame gave his van immediately after the nun told the host that they badly need a source of transportation so that they can further handle their outreach programs.

Reports said that the the van was then given to Mother Theresa and to her companions from the community after the show. Jay Montelibano, Willie’s staff, on the other hand, admits that the van that Willie Revillame donated is his favorite vehicle.

Willie Revillame on Wowowillie

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