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KC Concepcion True Love Waits for French Suitor Pierre Emmanuel Passart

KC Concepcion is still being courted by her Frech suitor, Pierre Emmanuel Plassart and according to the actress’ interview from ABS-CBN, she still wants more space from him. However, they’re still connected to each other.

The actress is not yet ready to take on a new step, but she does not turn down Plassart, she’s just settling behind all things. For her, ‘true love waits’ and what she does now is just a test if the French suitor will still wait until the right time comes for the actress to accept love again.

She does not want any active relationships yet, but she wants to enjoy herself more. She’ll be sacrificing her love life for now until she’ll come to the right time. KC admits that her suitor tried to discuss about their understanding, but she stays quiet for it.

For now they’ll be friends and she’ll preserve that as time goes by. She’s picking the right moves so that she’ll not be able to get hurt about love.

There is also an issue that Plassart asked her for marriage, but she stays quiet about it claiming that it’s too personal.

Her mother, Sharon Cuneta became sad for not taking her suitor. But she explained that she wants just to enjoy the things that she has right now. Fortunately, Plassart’s family, according to the actress, is very decent and also they love KC. Same response of KC to his family, but she still chose to be friends right now.

For KC, every relationship that she must engage to must first be friends with her. The actress claims that she’s still entertaining suitors, but for friends only.

KC Concepcion Close Up

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