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Mark Anthony Bergado: ‘Armless’ Filipino Football Player Goes to International Games

Mark Anthony Bergado is born without arms since birth, but he’s got the skills of the football player because he is the “Star Player” of their football player. At first, his playmates discriminated the young football player for playing the sport. Soon because of his perseverance, he studied hard of how to play the sport that he liked.

Despite of his condition of being armless, he still persevered to play football. In exchange from all the discrimination that he got, many people are already fascinated by the young player’s skills.

According to the young Anthony, he doesn’t mind being looked down by other people. What he minds is that he just wants to further develop more his talent in the sport; the best player that he could achieve with his personal strength.

His been aliased “Putol” by the Marikina Football Club. His positive attitude and the loving care of his Nanay Luming brought  him to victory. Now he, and he’s team will be again traveling to Australia for participating in the Asia/Pacific Special Games.

They’ll be participating as Special Philippine Team as the representatives of the Philippines in the tournament.


Mark Anthony Bergado

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