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Next Pope Will Be African: Black Pope Is In Demand for Pontiff (CNN Report)

Pope Benedict XVI has declared recently his official resignation on February 28 to Papal throne. His reason is because of poor health status. His declaration has shocked billionsof Catholics around the world.

Vatican is hoping that a new Pope will arise by Easter and that cardinals from all over the world were gathered to vote for the possible successor next to Pope Benedict XVI.

There is a possibility that an African Pope would be a possible Pontiff. Namely there are two black cardinals possible to be elected. They are Cardinal Peter Turksonof Ghana and Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria.

Both cardinals have contributed much to the Catholic churches. Also there were already many Catholic believers in Nigeria. If a black Pope would be elected then the problem in religion in Nigeria would be solved.

In Nigeria, there are two active religions. Namely, they are Islam and Roman Catholicism. These two religions battle for themselves as said according to their beliefs. There is a possibility that brotherhood will unite the two religions.

The body may vanish, but the religion will not and that is why there is in need for a black Pope. Clergy from Nigeria still says that it will be according to the Will of God.

Click the link to see the news video from CNN.

 Cardinal Peter Turkson

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