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ATM(Automated Teller Machine) Finally Installed in the ARMM Capitol

Finally, the ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) has been finally installed with ATM (Automated Teller Machine), and is located at the ORG or known as the ‘little Malacañang’ of ARMM

This was made possible because of the help by the local branch of LBP’s (Land Bank of the Philippines) technicians. The first one to test the machine was John Magno, chief of – staff of ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman.

ORGs (Office of the Regional Governor), line agencies,and support offices, have individual payrolls, thus their official depository office is the LBP.

ORG, or the ‘little Malacañang’ of the region, are the ones who bilaterally agreed to install the ATM machine on the capitol office. It was agreed through a special agreement that was done last week.

Magno,says that this is a ‘dream come true’ for the region. He took the lead for activating the official representations of the Land Bank and finally put the ATM machine into installment inside ORG.

The payroll system has already been automated long ago, but this week only that it has been agreed to put an ATM in a perfect spot inside the building.

According to Magno, the only person who pushed the installation of the machine in the ORG was Hataman.

An employee who worked for Hataman claims that ARMM will show the world that they can be at trend with technology.

ATM installed in ARMM

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