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Ate Gay Speaks Up To Willie Revillame’s On-Air Scolding to Wowowillie(Video)

Ate Gay, finally speaks up concerning about the issue of Willie Revillame’s on-air scolding at Wowowillie on February 28. According to TV5’s “Ang Latest: Updated” interview, they asked the comedian of what really happened that day.

He answers that, he’s just okay. The only worst part about the issue is that they were like a typical family that had problems. Willie, being their father of their family, is just mad at them.

They tried to talk to each other after the host got angry at them. They entered inside on the table, but still more sermons were given to them by the host.

He was excited to work for the show the day after the incident happened, but he was not allowed to enter, and he had no choice.

The comedian did not give any details about the confrontations that happened between him, Ethel Booba and Willie Revillame backstage.

He just answered from the interview that, he respects all the words that the host is trying to say to them. If he says no, then the host will not be favored from the issue, but if it is yes, then he and Ethel  will not be favored.

Despite of the incident that happened on Wowowillie, he still respects Willie Revillame and loves the show.

He admits from the interview that he was really indeed hurt from what the host said and its natural, but his disappointment only ends at that point.

His respect is favorable to Willie. Willie is a good person and he always says that on screen. He felt that the host is a kind person.

The comedian still loves the show because it’s the first show that have allowed him to experience wearing a smile every morning to a normal life.

He loved the show because of Willie Revillame and he wants to give back his thanks to the host.

Ate Gay is still expecting that he will soon goes back to the show, but not for now because Willie is still mad at them.

His final message to all the supporters of the show is to continue supporting Wowowillie.

After the interview, Cristy Fermin further clears about the side of Willie Revillame on the issue.

Ate Gay Interview

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