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First Words and Blessing of Pope Francis to Roman Catholics After Election

Being the successor of the late Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis delivered his first words translated into the English language from Italian language to the Roman Catholic people after being elected as the new Pope.

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He greeted first a pleasant evening to everyone and thanked for the warm welcome from the Roman community.

Then he prayed for the health condition of the bishop emeritus Benedict XVI together with the people that gathered around St. Peter’s Basilica. He stated the prayers, “Lord’s Prayer”, “Hail Mary”, and “Glory Be”.

He continued then saying to start the again the journey of the Catholic church of Rome leading other churches to charity, a journey of fraternity, love, and of trust to each other.

He wishes to pray for the whole world so that there will be a great joint between all the people and he hopes that the journey of the Church and  his cardinal vicar will help him in the fruitful evangelization of the city.

Before the Pope gave his first blessing to the people, he requested from the people that gathered to pray for him first so that God may guide him. And so then the people prayed in silence.

After the prayer, he then gave his first blessing and he says that he will pray for Mary Magdalene tomorrow so that she will protect the whole Rome.

The Pope then greeted a good night to the people for a good rest.

First Words of Pope Francis

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