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Nicki Minaj Quits American Idol After Curtis Finch Jr. Was Eliminated

30 year old musician Nicki Minaj was threatened to leave the the reality show of American Idol. According to reports, the singer was saddened from the judges’ seat after the elimination of rapper, Curtis Finch, Jr. from last night’s performance of March 14.

When the host, Ryan Seacrest, declares that the two hopefuls, Curtis Finch, Jr. and Devin Velez, were belonged to the bottom two because of low votes, the singer then reacted that Curtis does not deserved for belonging in the bottom two.

The singer wants to wake up America for reevaluating again the performance the Curtis. Then she added that if Curtis will go home then, she will go home too. And she did stand on her own words,  jumping out from her seat in the judge’s panel, but she was then instructed by fellow judge Randy Jackson to return.

The contestants then was given another chance to sing one last time. Curtis sang R. Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly”. After the performance, the judges discussed about if they can push their right to reverse the decision of the public.

Nicki was really eager to save the rapper while Randy informed host Ryan the that they were unable to met the majority verdict. Despite of having a live show, the singer, Nicki, is still sulking about the elimination of Curtis.

The incident later on led to the past event where Nicki missed the performance show on Wednesday, March 13, because she was stuck from a heavy traffic making her to be late on the show.

Nicki Minaj

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