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Julia Montes Turns 18 Tomorrow on Her Debut Birthday Party

March 19 2013, tomorrow will be the day that the ABS-CBN young actress Julia Montes will be turning 18 and will become a matured woman.

The debut party of Julia Montes have already became a trending topic to the social networking site of Twitter after it has been tweeted many times.

Many fans plead to their excitement on her upcoming debut birthday party and one of her followers from their Twitter account posted the sketch of her gown that she will be using tomorrow on her debut.

Sketch Gown of Julia Montes

According to recent reports the debut will be hosted by Matteo Guidecelli and Robi Domingo. There are also other stars that will come like Daniel Padilla, her escort Coco Martin, etc.

Some fans wished that the debut party of the actress will be featured in the Sunday’s Best so that many of her supporters can further see what’s happening on her party.

Currently, the debut party of Julia Montes topic is currently on the 5th spot trending on Twitter with the hashtag #JuliaMontesTurns18Tomorrow.



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