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DENR: Oil Content Rises in Boracay but Coliform Level Decreases

The help from the stakeholders of Boracay in Kalibo, Aklan are asked by DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) to maintain the good quality waters of the beaches.

According to recent reports, EMB regional director, Samson Guilleran conducted a survey from their agency to to the waters of Boracay and it was found out that the oil content of the island had rose.

He stated some of the causes of why the oil level rose on the sea. First cause is the irregular disposing of dirty water from boats to the waters.

Second is the water sports activities that is held on the island. Third, the use of lotion and lastly, the irregular disposing of cooking oil.

Guillergan is already expecting that the oil level will continue to rise because of the coming summer season and many tourists again will visit the island.

Reports about the beach’s status have already been forwarded to the stakeholders of the island. They were asked to take part and help maintain the cleanliness of the seas in Boracay.

Meanwhile, the beaches are still good for bathing this coming summer because it’s coliform level, on the other hand, has lowered down.

Laboratory tests are already on the move by the EMB-DENR and they are taking water samples from the beaches every two months to monitor the quality of the waters.

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