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Coleen Garcia Breaks Up With Boyfriend Gab Valenciano

Break up ends the one year boyfriend-girlfriend relationship of Kapamilya-ABS-CBN celebrities Coleen Garcia and Gab Valenciano.

According to an interview report with Coleen last week, she confirms the true status of her relationship with Gab saying that she is having a hard time from her relationship with the celebrity because he will be studying in the States.

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She explains that she is not well-adapted in a long distance relationship. Age bracket is another issue from their partnership because Coleen is 20 while Gab is 24.

She is also arguing about their growth in their showbiz career because both of them are still starters on the business.

But Coleen and Gab are trying to fix things up on their relationship.

Coleen worries about Gab’s arrival after his school on States and she’s still confused that their break up will be official because both of them are not only having a communication for a month.

March 25, Monday was the day that Gab Valenciano left the country to proceed on his music schooling at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

But on the day before he left, Gab was blessed on his trip to the States by giving him a despidida party.

According to reports, Coleen and her family was invited on the event, but fails to attend with her family on the celebration.

Coleen Garcia

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