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Tiya Pusit Plans to Marry Her 27-Year-Old Boyfriend

Tiya Pusit, one of the most popular and veteran comedienne in the Philippine movie and television industry revealed that she plans to marry with her 27-year-old boyfriend.

The 64-year-old Tiya Pusit announced their marriage plans through an interview with entertainment website Pep.ph. The comedienne was already engaged to Nathan Villa, and they have been together for over a year now.

According to Tiya Pusit, the marriage was supposed to held this year but they decided to move the wedding next year because the brother of Tiya Pusit is set to marry this year and they believes in the Filipino belief that is a bad luck for siblings to get married within the same year.

Tiya Pusit admitted that despite their age gap which is already 37 years, they were really compatible with each. The comedienne’s only problem is how to address the parents of Nathan because she is older compared to them.

Tiya Pusit

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