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Pres. Obama Forgot to Salute Marine Video Goes Viral

The United States most respected leader, President Barrack Obama made an honest mistake and forgot to return the salute of a marine guard standing down the stairs of Marine One. The unexpected incident was caught on video and goes viral on different social media sites.

According to various reports from US media, the US President is one its way to the U.N. Naval Academy graduation ceremony on Annapolis, Maryland on Friday, May 24, 2013 when the viral incident happened.

Obama Marines

The mind of the President was probably somewhere else, Pres. Obama just walked past the soldier and straight up the helicopter cabin and greeted the pilot and crew. After he shook hands with the crew inside, the President realized his mistake, stepped down the ladder and went back to the marine.

The President have a short conversation and shook hands with the marines whom he missed, but still, a traditional salute wasn’t returned.

Watch the viral video of President Obama:


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