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Gretchen Barretto Speaks About Honesty on Her Instagram Account

Gretchen Barreto posted on her Instagram account very strong words about honesty after she confirmed that her sister, Claudine Barretto, really does uses drugs.


Gretchen is in London right now together with her husband Tonyboy Cojuangco because they will be enrolling their son to a college school there. But on Sunday, she posted these words in her Instagram account saying, “Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.”

According to the reports, these words of Gretchen may be is speaking out about Claudine to tell the truth. Aside from that, many of her followers on the photo sharing site also believe that these may be her messages to her sister.

Previously, Gretchen confirmed the statements of Raymart Santiago about her sister are true. Being hurt from the statements from her father, Miguel Barretto, to drop their surnames if they are ashamed to carry it, Gretchen is one of the witnesses when her sister was confined to a hospital guilty of drug abuse.

This was Gretchen’s message about Claudine’s issue:

In December 21, 2012, Mr. Barretto called for a family meeting.

“He said that he had just come from a meeting that morning with Ms. Eos Capistrano, a counselor from White Plains who said Claudine needed to be confined at the basement 12-18 months minimum. And that it was a choice of confining her at the basement or seeing her in the morgue at the rate she’s going. I remind him again that I am just repeating exactly what he said then. My father told us that his choice was to see Claudine in the basement and, of course, we all wanted the same thing.”

“I believe that it is up to my parents to own up to the truth to make this possible. It is not important now to point fingers as to who, what, why. We do not need to cover up anyone’s stories or put up a front to avoid shame. We are beyond that. We hear Claudine’s cry for help. Why can’t you?”

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