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John Prats for Marriage to Isabel Oli: His Only Woman to Marry

John Prats are already making plans for his marriage to his long-time girlfriend Isabel Oli. According to the interviews with the well-known dancer on Tuesday, he is confirming that her Isabel is already ready for marriage.


The “Banana Nite” comedian further expounded his words saying that this is the thing that she likes the most with her girlfriend because she is not that really focused from her career as an artist. And she is also more looking forward to be a housewife.

When Prats was asked if he is ready to be a husband, he did not give any detail because he wants everything to be special for Isabel. He does not want to discuss anything about engagements and their marriage must be a surprise, however it has been already planned.

When asked about the exact date of when it will happen, the actor-comedian only answered that it will not be long to happen.

John Prats also appreciated his girlfriend for changing his whole life. The Kapamilya veteran dancer admitted that because of Isabel he is now more focused to handle his work. He also felt her overwhelming support and never did he experience to be harassed by her own hands.

When asked about the question about the changes that he taught to Isabel, Prats answered that maybe he changed the way Isabel thinks about things. He took away the negative thoughts and the worrying character that she possesses.  The actor added that she is now more fun to talk to.

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