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Miley Cyrus Capturing Herself Almost Naked (Photos)

What happened to the conservative Hannah Montana Disney princess Miley Cyrus?. Is this really now the real her?..What have she done to herself?..Is this result of  her break-up to her four year boyfriend-fiance Liam Hemsworth?


Well,. there are a lot of questions popping out in our minds, and reality sucks. If the person really do possesses this kind of attitude, having weird behavior, people should also learn not to judge others beliefs, choice, opinions and even if they will change themselves and you wondered  why do they act like that way, we should accept the fact that people do change because of any circumstances, may it be good or bad changing them to be who they are now.

For me,  Miley Cyrus changed herself from being conservative to a wild one because she just want to express herself and her emotions through her music.

We never knew what she is going through right now, and maybe the reason why she captures herself  almost naked because she thinks that her depression can be lessen.

It’s true, that those person who suffers from depression get away with their emotion to other stuff so that they can easily let go of something that depress them.

21-year-old Miley Cyrus just want to explore herself  by means of doing her own thing, and simply trying to recreate what women affectionately known as “divas” these days.



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ppLet’s just accept who is Miley right now and whoever she may become in the future.

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