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Naked Priest for Orthodox 2014 Calendar (Photos)

Naked Priest.

Those two words at the top is the reason why you have clicked the link pointing to this page, but beyond that, this pertain with a great cause: Marriage Equality.

The  main topic is according to Orthodox 2014 calendar that is now being sold online for 29 Euro (P1,698.81).

Hot guys posing as priests are shot naked while in bed, in the kitchen and other part of the house.

mmNote: The video and photos below may not be suitable for young audiences and are Not Safe for Work so please don’t scroll down too much if you don’t wanna harm yourself or the people behind you.

Marriage Equality or same-sex marriage remains a debatable issue in and outside the church, especially with the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian Churches vocally condemning it.

Though the new Pope, Francis, tries to reach out to gays and lesbians and even to Atheists for that matter, he is mum on the issue aside from totally condemning a law regarding marriage equality when he was still a cardinal.

Though several states in America and some other countries have opened to this, it a fact that in many predominantly-Catholic countries like the Philippines, same-sex marriage is still unacceptable.

Using the images of priests or nuns as subject of controversial causes is not new though. The Philippines is not lagging behind other countries in terms of doing it either.

Just about more than a month ago, we wrote about local celebrity, Mocha Uson, who posed as a naked nun in a photo shoot. Uson was advocating for sex education, safe sex, breast cancer awareness, and freedom of expression all in one, she said.

For this particular calendar, the cause was pointed out in the video which did not give identities of the men saying it’s not important but rather explains, “What is important – as with the Pussy Riot debate — are discussions generated by this video in respect of gay men in religious orders, corruption in organized religions, treatment of minorities by society, etc.”

The calendar is “in celebration of the fact that love, regardless of sexual orientation exists and can be celebrated everywhere and by everyone,” says the video introduction.

It is a no-brainer for controversial campaigns to go viral, that’s an absolute truth. Whether we admit it or not, both supporters and bashers have something to say about one and they’re there to give their sentiments and opinion anytime of the day.

Do you really think campaigns such as this are a bad idea? or it is okay to use Church figures for campaigns and businesses? We really wanna know your thoughts. Let us know in the comments.



Here’s the video of the making of the 2014 calendar for your reference:

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