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Friday the 13th Massacre in Navotas City Suspect is Former Lover

The thirteenth Friday of the month is considered by many Filipinos as unlucky, the superstitious belief made became a reality after an armed suspect went on a shooting rampage that killed a pregnant teen and her parents in Navotas City.

Friday 13th Massacre

The victims were identified as Jocele Denullang an 18-year-old pregnant woman for six months was gunned down inside their home on Friday, December 13, 2013 at around 7:30 AM while she was having a breakfast.

Aside from Jocele Denullang being killed, the other victims were her parents Rosa Leticia and Cecilio who were also killed on the spot. Police authorities are now hunting for the suspect who fled to an unknown direction after the shooting incident. 

Some of the witness identified the suspect as Jay Amar alias “Jeje,” who was seen entering the Denullang’s house at around 7:30 AM in the morning. The suspect shot the victims of the Friday the 13th massacre in Navotas City several times to make sure that they were dead before escaping. 

According to some reports the suspect Jay Amar was a former live-in partner of the pregnant teenager, was enraged to learn that another man got Jocele pregnant after they were separated a few months ago. The parents of Jocelle, Rosa and Cecilio did not approve of their daughter’s relationship with the suspect.

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