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Shark Close Encounter in Manhattan Beach Went Viral

Recently a mother reportedly took a photo of her twins swimming on the shorelines of Manhattan Beach while a large shark lurking nearby beneath the breaking wave.

The photo leaked is believed to be a shark according to lifeguards and local surfers. June Emerson is the mother of 12 year old kids told her twins that the captured photo is just a dolphin after the kids were unaware of the danger nearby.

Emerson together with her twins lives nearby Manhattan beach and stressed that they are unaware of the shark lurking since that they are used for swimming on the beach almost everyday.


The photo featuring Emerson’s kids and the lurking shark was posted in her Facebook account which garnered lot of comments and criticism. According to the source, the lurking shark surrounds the kids is believed to be a great white shark which is relatively common in the area.

Last November, reports went viral after some paddle boarders captured a video of the same incident in the same are.

The video was taken 50 yards from the shoreline and after these incident people’s perception changed in regard with the beach security on behalf of deadly predators. According to California Department of Fish and Wildlife the residents were given warning to leave the sharks alone for their own protection as well as the species.

But then, Emerson considers their experience as just another ordinary day, quoting  “Big waves and apparently Big Fish!”, as she wrote on her Facebook page.

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