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North Korea Successfully Clones First Human Baby

North Korea has successfully attain its human cloning experiment after the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) announced on January 14, 2014 that the absurd operation was made possible.

North Korea Cloning HumanPhoto Credit: www.worldnewsdailyreport.com

North Korea recently marked the history after cloning a goat last April 2013. The practice of militarized country into various field of Science has been presented into enormous aspects.

“Everybody believe cloning human is much difficult. Cloning man is like cloning rat or pig. Same thing!” Chinese scientist working with Korean government on the experiment explained.

Based on the predictions of several military experts, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim-Jung Un has interested on the project to further boost the country’s raging economy and procreate genetically modified “super soldiers.”

Two of the most powerful countries in the world, China and North Korea, were also cited that their plan to create superior beings or super soldiers is meant to broaden the era communism worldwide.

War analyst Tom Butch said that by creating genetically modified soldiers, this will result into great advantage when it comes to battle. According to worldnewsdailyreport, the leaked photo of the laboratory forced the central city to publicized this event.

North Korea is deeply rooted on its motto as “Prosperous and Powerful Nation” naming the country on its “military-first” policy which divulge the country’s militarized society.

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