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Iran: Archaeologists Discovered 8-meter Tall Humanoid Skeleton

Another batch of Iranian archaeologists allegedly discovered an 8-meter tall humanoid skeleton in Iran which is 30 kilometers away from the reportedly unearthed 6-meter tall humanoid skeleton last week.

Iran GiantPhoto Credit: worldnewsdailyreport.com

A report from worldnewsdailyreport.com recently surfaced the online web after a group of Iranian archaeologists unearthed the remains of a six meter tall giant sized humanoid skeleton in Western Iran.

Meanwhile, according to the studies of Swedish researchers, the skull is approximately two and a half meters tall with an estimated whole measurement nearly 8-meters tall. Others said that the humanoid skeleton reaching more than 14-meters tall.

The researchers did not clarify if the skeleton came from a child or a half-breed. Some of the researchers speculated the newly discovered skeleton were genetically homo sapiens.

“The russian discovery last week, surprisingly got very little attention from the media. I hope that 14-meters high giants will be enough for the mainstream media to finally care about archeology, we’re making history here! I mean we just might have confirmed some mythological and religious stories were not as symbolic as we once thought.” Björg Gunnarson Swedish Research team said.

The newest humanoid discovered is still undergoing the naming process and DNA analysis at the time and the team is yet to confirm the origin of the humanoid giant skeleton.

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